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CNC Laser Cutting Machine for Plywood

LaserWORKS V8 stand alone software / driver with direct output capability from graphics programs

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Product Details

Machine Features

●  Imported linear square guide way and transmission system, equipped with speed-down structure, three-phase motors and drivers, make the cutting more smooth and running more stable

●  Equipped with  high-speed DSP control system, USB2.0 interface outputting directly, intelligent software, support Autocam, Coreldraw Etc.

●  High power CO2 laser tube, equipped with imported mirrors, lens, prolong the service life. 

●  The speed and laser energy can be adjusted anytime, very easy to operate.

●  Good water protection system, ensures the services life of laser tube efficiency.

●  With CE and FDA certificate, more reliable.

●  High moving accuracy in high speed by step motor and transmitting system.

●  Laser Cutting Machine is designed for industry application, driven by high-grade stepper motor, precision guide way drive and High-precision in positioning make the running more stable, Large area precision cutting mechanical movement system can guarantee smoothness and flatness of cut cross section.


This laser engraving cutting machine can work on Wood, Bamboo, Jade, Marble, organic glass, plastic, graments, paper, leather, penelope, rubber, ceramic, glass, textile cutting, industrial prototyping, industrial marking,aerospace, architectural modeling, specialty advertising, plastics fabricating, flexo, point of purchase, rubber stamps, picture framing, gift manufacturing, bar coding, engraving, gasket cutting, puzzles, cabinetry, awards & recognition, personalized pens, door pulls, cut scroll patterns, games & toys, finger joints, inlays & overlays, fraternity paddles, music boxes, light switch plates, jewelry boxes, parts marking, router templates, desk sets, scrap booking, photo albums, jewelry, crafts, Italian charms.


Technical Parameters



Standard Laser power:


Optional Laser power:


Engraving Area

1400x900mm/55.11×35.43 inch

Gross power


Laser type:

CO2 glass laser tube

Cutting depth:

Acrylic 0-20mm, others material(varied according to the nature)

Engraving speed :


Cutting speed:


Resetting positioning accuracy:


Maximum forming character:

Figure/English: 1x 1mm

Power supply:

220V±10% 50HZ or 110V±10% 60HZ

Software supported:

ArtCut, PhotoShop (Conversion output)
 CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Lasercut (Direct output)

Main Graphic format supported:

PLT/DXF/BMP/AI (Direct output)

Engraver for Curve surfaces:

Rotary clamp is optional and used to engrave on curse surfaces

Water Cooling:


Maximum Height of Materials to Engrave:

270mm/10.63in.(Up and down adjustable by motor)

Laser tube(life hours):

3000-4000 hours/ reci 8000-10000 hours



Assistant Equipment:

Dual red dot pointer

Water pump

Air pump

Exhaust Fan

Flat aluminum-alloy table slat worktable

Spare Parts Recommend (R): Laser Tube, Lens, Mirror

Options: Motorized up-down table, Rotary clamp, Water chiller, Auto focus, Honeycomb worktable


Question: What people and businesses use this type of laser machine? 

Answer: . Arts & crafts, prototypes, awards engraving, signage, textiles, etc.. 

Question: Why is the viewing window, on my laser machine, in orange shade? 

Answer: Any plastic will block laser light. The orange color will dull the spark that comes off of the material. 

Question: What is a sophisticated user? 

Answer: A person who is smart enough to clean the machine, do maintenance and repairs, able to bypass safeties. 

Question: What file types and software are compatible with my machine? 

Answer: PLT-HPGL plotter file, AI-adobe Illustrator, DXF-Autocad, DST-Tajima, BMP-Widows bitmap, NC-Mastercam, JPG files, JPEG files, GIF files, PNG files, TIF files, TIFF files, TGA files, PCX files;Software-TAJIMA , CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop. 

Question: What jumper settings should the motion controller (6515) be set to? 

Answer: . Sensor Input 24v, Position Pulses 5v. 

Question: What is the “Immediate Mode”? (Laser 5.3) 

Answer: The project will be cut or engraved in reference to where the focal head is located. 

Question: I’m using mirror acrylic. How do I avoid bubbling the mirrored finish? 

Answer: Make 2 passes. The first pass will cut through about 95% and the 2nd pass will finish the cut and polish the acrylic.

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