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CO2 Laser Machine for Polypropylene

The main usage of this laser machine is for the small to medium business that needs a quality laser machine at a great price! This high-quality machine can be used for both engraving and cutting processes in the same project.

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Product Details

Special Features

1. Fixed cabinet frame for rigidity.

2. Front back door open for allowing items to pull through the laser machine as they are cut/engraved.

3. Z axis Motorized Up/Down Table.

4. Large motors for faster engraving speed

5. Easy access for interchanging the rotary attachment

6. Red-Dot pointer to help you see the expected laser beam position.

7. Auto Focus touch sensor to easily set the right height for best engraving and cutting.

8. Work surface has a vacuum table box/funnel built in the design. This can pull warped sheets material down to become flat.

9. Parts tray for removing small parts or scrap from under the work bed.

10. Fully enclosed laser case yields a class I (user-friendly) laser product.


1). Cutting: 

acrylic, perspex, wood, MDF, plywood, veneer, paper, leather, rubber, fabric, cloth, canvas, foil, leather, fur, foam, plastic, PES, PC, PA,  PE, PP, composite material,  PVC,  etc. 

2). Engraving: 

acrylic, perspex, wood, MDF, plywood, stone, marble, glass, jade, crystal, metal coating, paper,  leather, rubber, fabric, cloth, plastic,  PVC,  etc. 

Way of Packing

image015 image017

1.Packed the laser machine with PE film for clearing and damp proofing

2.Put the laser machine in carton safety and clashing.

3.Pack the machine with standard plywood case for export. 

4.Stencil the shipping mark on all of the cases.

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