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Laser Cutter Machine for Keychain

This equipment can be applied to many kinds of materials and has many advantages, such as smooth cutting edges, free from polishing, no noise, no dust, faster processing speed, higher precision, less waste and more efficiency. It is the best option for upgrading traditional equipment in various industries.

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Product Details

Main Features

1. The imported beeline lead rail, imported stepper engine with the lower speed running structure, the cutting is very stable, the cutting face is smooth.

2. High intention, high precision mechanic structure design, the data control is stable.

3. Choose high technical laser tube, the beam of light is of high quality and the life is long.

4. The compatibility of the software is good, which can support the format of PLT, BMP, DXF etc.





Applicable industries:

advertisement, arts and crafts, leather, model, building upholster, computerized embroidery and clipping, shadowgraph making etc.

Applicable materials:

wood, bamboo, marble, glass, paper, leather, rubber, glass, cloth and other nonmetal materials.


(1).The warranty of machine is 2years

(2).The warranty is dated from EX factory date

(3).During warranty, we will send the parts to you for repairing or replacing

(4).If there's any problem in the future, we will give you tech support by mail, Teamviewer, or Skype to fix it. 

After-sales service

No matter what kind of product problems, our customer service staff will deal with it as soon as possible. We offer online service 24 hours, Email What's app and so on. Please feel free to contact us.

Shipping And Packaging

Payment Terms T/T / Western union / Paypal / L/C / Credit card

Production Time

Our factory will start production after first payment confirmed. We will send machines after full payment confirmed.

Way of Packing

1.Packed the laser machine with PE film for clearing and damp proofing

2.Put the laser machine in carton safety and clashing.

3.Pack the machine with standard plywood case for export. 

4.Stencil the shipping mark on all of the cases.

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