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60W Laser Engraving Machine Can’t Output Laser ?
- Jul 02, 2018 -

Problem description:

I have a 60W laser engraving machine. Recently, he didn't emit light. It should be that the main board is not in good contact with the cable that connects the machine panel. (TEST can still emit light.)

Would you like to ask if it is feasible to change the motherboard and panel ?

Or need to change other equipment, such as: power supply...

Can I change my own motherboard when I buy it ?



Generally, the test does not emit light. The laser power supply is broken. There is a test button on the laser power supply. Press the button alone to observe whether there is laser inside the laser tube. If not, the laser power supply is broken. If the laser is pressed by test, the laser is not engraved. May be the laser power supply - the laser signal line on the motherboard is not well contacted, or the motherboard is broken. Both the main board and the laser power supply can be replaced by themselves, and the plug-in type is very simple.

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