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Analysis On The Current Situation Of Laser Cutting Market
- May 09, 2018 -

In the process of foreign automobile production, the three-dimensional laser cutting machine is generally used to precisely cut the cover parts and door panels. The use of laser welding robots for high-quality automatic welding not only ensures product quality, but also produces high productivity. In the prototype development and small batch production, highly flexible laser three-dimensional cutting replaces a large number of punching and trimming dies, which not only saves a lot of molds, but also shortens the development cycle of new models. In Europe, almost all car manufacturers use laser processing in the development and production of automobiles. The breadth and depth of laser manufacturing technology in automotive manufacturing has become an important indicator of the advancement of the automotive industry. Domestic auto manufacturers have introduced laser cutting and laser welding production lines, and other companies have plans to introduce them in future development plans. The 3D laser cutting machine plays an important role in promoting the development speed of new models.

The development of high-precision 3D laser cutting machine has important strategic significance for improving the level of China's aerospace technology and equipment. Defence military equipment is more urgent for high-performance laser cutting machines. For example, the application of three-dimensional laser cutting machine in the surface machining of helicopter propellers can greatly shorten the trial production time and improve the performance of components.

In the world market, laser cutting machines are moving towards high power, large format, and thick plates. Cutting welding is the most basic processing technology in the shipbuilding industry. At present, China's marine steel plate cutting generally uses flame cutting and plasma cutting. Due to limited precision, especially for deck and hull materials of special materials, many large foreign shipyards generally use large-format thick plates. Laser cutting machines, domestic shipbuilding companies have begun to purchase equipment, especially for special-purpose boats, laser cutting has become a necessary processing method. It is expected that in the next 5-10 years, the production demand of this application industry will be great. With the advent of the "precision shipbuilding" era, high-power CO2 laser cutting technology and equipment have been widely used in the shipbuilding industry of advanced countries.