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Can Lasers Cut Stone ?
- Sep 04, 2018 -

Yes, you can cut stone with lasers. But it would be impractical for 2 reasons:


1. You would need a very powerful laser which means you have to bring the stone to the laser.  Much more impractical to run this in a quarry.


2. You would need to constantly refocus to take into account the irregular surface and the depth of cut.  You would need to do it in multiple passes.


The biggest steel cutting lasers can barely do 12" of steel and they're US Navy shipbuilding grade. So no way you could cut multiple feet of stone in a pass. The focal point can't be stretched that much.


Abrasive and water-based cutting methods are still the best with stone.


Here's a stone engraving laser:

laser etching stone

Marble laser engraving