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Laser Marking Machine Gives The Metal Nameplate An Indelible ''identity Code''
- May 05, 2017 -

Metal nameplate is fixed on the product, with the product factory carrying, to convey to customers the Merchant brand, trademark logo, product category, product parameters, production date, production specifications, QR code and other information of metal signage.

Metal nameplate mainly includes copper, aluminum, stainless steel, alloy and other metal materials, widely used in electronic products, household appliances, mechanical molds and civil products and other fields. Metal nameplate without information identification is just a blank piece of metal, using certain means to give metal sheet information, in order to become a true nameplate.

The marking method of the nameplate logo can be divided into two kinds: traditional ink printing and laser marking.

Ink printing method gradually outdated Metal nameplate in the past used in the printing methods have screen printing and printing, the common denominator between the two is to paint as the medium, covering it on the nameplate surface to form a variety of pattern text.

However, with the improvement of product processing quality, the traditional printing processing methods of poor wear resistance, poor aesthetics, environmental pollution and other drawbacks are becoming more and more obvious. For example, such as pumps, air compressors, molds and other products often work in high temperature, soaking, chemical pollution and other environments, its metal nameplate in the use of surface ink easy to be destroyed and become blurred. In addition, the printing process needs to consume a large number of organic solvents and heavy metal elements and other chemical raw materials, which will not only cause environmental pollution, but also cause physical harm to staff.

Therefore, the traditional printing method is no longer in line with the processing needs of the market.

Laser marking effect Immediate Fiber optic laser Marking machine only need to shine through the high-energy laser beam on the surface of the metal nameplate, thus leaving a fine and never-ending "identity code", with an immediate effect.

Compared with the traditional printing method, the laser marking machine has successfully solved a series of difficult problems brought about by it. First of all, laser marking only through the computer to complete the mapping and processing operations, you can complete the clear carving of the pattern, simple and convenient, and secondly, the laser marking process without consumption of ink, do not produce toxic gases, both safe and environmentally friendly; then, laser processing accuracy can reach within millimeters, marked after the nameplate is more clear, beautiful and delicate; The use of laser marking can freely control the depth and position of graphics and text, a molding, both flexible and reliable!