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Material Information For Laser Cutting And Engraving Of MDF
- Jun 01, 2018 -

MDF sheets (Medium Density Fibreboard), made of wood fibers and resins, are increasingly be used. MDF is a low-priced wood material. In the contrast to simple chipboard, MDF convinces of its almost twice as high lexural strength. When using machining methods, there is a high tool wear due to the high density of the panels. This disadvantage is omitted during laser cutting. Compared to conventional machining process, which is connected to a lot of dust and waste, the processing is clearly superior with a laser - both when cutting and engraving. The used glue for MDF sheets influences the cutting quality of laser systems. Epoxy resins (EP) or waterproof glue, will cause dark discoloured cutting edges during the combustion process by the laser beam. These are not required depending on the application (visible edges). Through the selection of suitable MDF varieties, the coloring can be therefore minimised. MDF is often used in furniture and exhibition stand construction, but also for the production of office products and promotional items.

MDF engrave

MDF cut