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Research And Analysis Of Laser Cutting Processing In China
- May 09, 2018 -

In recent years, with the continuous development of laser cutting processing technology, laser applications have penetrated into all aspects of scientific research and industry, and played an important role in metal processing, automobile manufacturing, aerospace, steel, metallurgy, solar energy and medical equipment. As one of the greatest scientific inventions of the 21st century, laser has formed different types of technology applications with various industry sectors after 50 years of development, and it has also brought new development opportunities to various industries.

China's laser technology research started almost at the same time as abroad. At that time, it was also the high-tech field with the smallest gap with foreign technology. As early as the late 1970s, CO2 lasers were imported directly from abroad for industrial processing and medical applications. Since the late 1980s, CO2 lasers have been widely introduced and used in the field of material processing. It develops earlier, commercial products are more mature, and its continuous output power is high, making it widely used in various fields such as material processing, medical use, military weapons, and environmental measurement. During the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, the country gradually formed a research and development institution represented by the four major optical machine institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Huagong, and achieved comprehensive technical achievements in the research and development of many core technologies of lasers.

As we all know, the great potential of low-cost, high-efficiency, environmental protection and application highlighted by laser cutting processing technology in industrial manufacturing has become a key support industry in the world's major industrial countries.

The wide application of laser cutting processing technology has rapidly driven the demand for various lasers, and laser has become one of the most demanding products. In recent years, fiber lasers have developed rapidly, and are typically used in laser marking, laser precision cutting, and laser surface strengthening. Fiber lasers have high output power, good beam quality and flexible transmission, which make them superior in industrial fields, especially in material processing. The strong development of the fiber laser market not only sprinted the CO2 laser market, but also was questioned by the media how the CO2 laser adhered to the "final position". Who is the mainstream application of the laser in the future? The CO2 laser, fiber, semiconductor and other lasers excited thereby The market battle has spread rapidly in China.