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The Performance Of Laser Cutting Machine In Jewelry Industry
- May 10, 2018 -

Jewelry processing is a relatively special industry, because it is mainly for the processing and transformation of some rare precious metals, so the equipment for processing and transformation is very demanding. However, this is a very good opportunity for small laser cutting machines. It solves some of the problems in processing jewelry and is popular among various manufacturers.


What are the drawbacks of the modern jewelry processing industry?

Because gold and silver jewelry is a high-end consumer goods, so many manufacturers have only a small amount of processing. However, for such small batch processing, open mold processing adds cost invisibly. In addition, gold and silver jewellery has very high requirements on the processing technology. Some small details of carving and surface treatment are very fine, and many processes are difficult to achieve. Sometimes it is inevitable that some customers will customize some commemorative jewelry. If you want to follow the traditional processing technology, the cycle is very long, which greatly reduces the customer experience, which will lose a lot of orders.


What are the advantages of small laser cutting machine processing jewelry?

For small laser cutting machines, these problems can be solved very well. Using a small laser cutting machine, you can directly process the desired product without opening the mold, and the precision is very high. The processing time can be as short as a few minutes. This not only shortens the processing time, but also reduces the cost. This is a very cost-effective thing for jewelry processors.