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The Working Life Of Fiber Marking Machine ?
- Aug 16, 2018 -

100,000 hours, which is the average output time of the fiber laser marking machine laser. Of course, this is only a theoretical value. In fact, the service life of fiber laser marking machines is affected by many factors. On average, a fiber laser marking machine can take five or six years.


Why does the fiber laser marking machine have the longest working life? This is determined by the performance advantages of the fiber laser itself. The fiber optic laser has high electro-optical conversion efficiency, can greatly save power consumption, reduce operating cost, achieve the highest production efficiency, and its working substance is crystal, which can support long-term excitation, laser oscillates in the fiber, and generates less heat. It needs air-cooling, no need to be equipped with a chiller, and it does not need to change working gas from time to time like gas laser. It has less consumables... Based on these factors, plus the correct maintenance method, the working life of fiber laser marking machine is very good.