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Which Materials Cannot Be Used For A UV Laser Marking Machine And CO2 Laser Marking Machine ?
- Sep 10, 2018 -

What is the UV laser machine?


UV Laser Marking Machine adopts Ultraviolet laser which is mainly used in ultra-fine marking of high-end market.

It is mainly used in ultra-fine processing of high-end market, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, video and other polymer materials, the surface of the bottle marking, the effect is very fine, marking cleaning firm, better than inkjet and no pollution; flexible pcb board marking, Scribing; silicon wafer micropores, blind hole processing; LCD liquid crystal glass two-dimensional code marking, glassware surface drilling, metal surface coating marking, plastic buttons, electronic components, gifts, communications equipment, building materials, etc.


What is the co2 laser marking machine?


CO2 laser marking machine is a type of CNC laser system that uses CO2 laser beam to leave permanent marks on the 2D/3D surface of different objects

It is used for wood, leather, cloth, bamboo, paper, ABS, PVC, epoxy resin, acrylic, glass, construction ceramics, organic materials, PMMA sheet, plastic, rubber, etc.